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Disco Freestyle is an artistic dance style that includes leaps, spins, kicks, runs and jumps. What makes disco freestyle different from other forms of dance is that it is constantly developing and breaking the boundaries of dance.

Freestyle includes solo work, pairs and group routines. It is a great way to improve agility, flexibility and stamina, all whilst learning to dance.

This style of dance is the perfect way for a child to learn how to express themselves through dance, improving their confidence, as well as becoming part of a social group and making friends. All classes are based on having fun whilst being active but learning from a syllabus.

Freestyle dance can be more than just a hobby class and there is the opportunity to become part of the Supreme Competition Team, travelling around the country competing against other dance schools resulting in the progression from beginner grades to championship level, winning titles and trophies.



Freestyle 5:30pm - 6pm
Lyrical Slow 6pm - 6:30pm
Stretch and Flexibility 6:30pm - 7pm
Freestyle Competition Team (private) 7pm - 8pm
Dancers Fitness 8pm - 8:30pm


Private Lessons for Competitor 5pm - 7pm


As well as the main classes we also offer additional tuition for students who are excelling.

Supreme Team

Supreme Team is the competition team for Powerhouse Dance Academy. Twice a year at Powerhouse we will do a 6 week Supreme pre-training to learn solo and pairs routines along with a slow routine. Once the dancer has successfully completed their training they will be eligible to become part of the competitive team enabling them to compete at dance competitions held up and down the country. If a dancer works hard and shows exceptional talent they can be fast tracked into the Supreme Team.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is a one on one private lesson with the dancer where I can focus solely on their technique, confidence and style of dance. These lessons provide the dancer with solo, slow and pairs routines. Private tuition is available for the dancer's benefit to ensure that I can maximise their true potential.